QC's Only Skater Owned and Skater Operated Shop!

About Us

About Switch Stance

Switch Stance Skate Shop is the Quad City’s only skater owned and operated shop. That means, when you visit, you’re talking to skaters who can understand exactly what you need. So, if you ask us if we have “Real” skateboards, we know what you mean. Here, our goal is to make skateboarding fun and affordable. We carry brands from skater owned and operated companies like The Killing Floor, Quasi (formerly Mother Collective), Tum Yeto (Toy Machine, Brostyle, Pig, and AWS), Politic, Emerica, Etnies, eS, Filament, Vox, FA Skateboards, Hockey, Skate Mafia, and many others. 

We don’t stop there though, we also carry brands from larger names like, DGK, Primitive, Diamond, C!RCA, DeathWish, Baker, Krooked, Stereo, Birdhouse, 1031 Skateboards, Bones Wheels, Spitfire, Bronson Bearings, and the list goes on. We’ve been in the business of skateboarding for 2 years now, and thanks to your support, we hope to make it a lot longer. We’re working all the time to get on board with new companies to bring you more product. We’ve decided to make our home downtown Rock Island, IL. We sit right across the river from the Davenport, IA Skatepark, so access to a local place to skate is quick! When you shop with us, you’re supporting a core skateshop and that’s what the area needs.


New Services

In the near future, we plan to offer you custom graphic skateboards and apparel. That’s right! everyone has an idea they’d like to see come to life, especially skateboarders and skaters alike. Why not take that idea, digitize it, and print it on a skateboard? And let’s be real, at some point, what skater didn’t (doesn’t ) want to skate their own graphic?

As an added bonus, we’ll be working with individuals who want to start their own brand. So if you skate and want to start your own thing, we’ll help you get up and running. Since we know what it’s like to be on the ordering end of things, we want to take what we’ve learned and help you. Cause, lets face it, not everyone can afford to drop $1 to $2k on ordering product. We’ll work with you on small orders, advertising efforts, and branding.

The Process

Our process for this is simple. Screen printing. For boards, We will be working with Skate Church to have boards pressed locally with our very own shapes. So whether it’s a Popsicle, Cruiser,  or Shaped, we’ll have what you need and in a style you’ll love. As for apparel, depending upon the graphic, we’ll either screen print or heat press it. The process starts with an idea, then move to draw, upload it to the computer and digitize, print, let dry, and skate and destroy! 

To start for boards, we’ll use a 2 color print setup with a base color. From there, we’ll print, coat, and let dry. Once the product is finished, you’re good to go and skate!

For apparel, we’ll use a 2 color print setup for screen printing, using quality pastel inks. From there, we’ll print, dry and wear! The heat press process, is pretty much the same. We’ll print on fabric vinyl, press the design and that’s it! As of now, we anticipate the turn around time to be about 3-4 days depending on the order.





The Owner

    Switch Stance Skate Shop was started by Sean Farley Jr. A local skate rat himself, a skate shop was something he always wanted to start. Skateboarding, graphic and web design are his specialties. He’s been skating for more than 14 years and knows a thing or two about it, but always learning more. He started the shop with the intention of becoming the area’s core skateshop.

    “Though the shop will never be as good as GoodTimes was, I definitely plan on trying to be. I’ve got some large shoes to fill…”

    Sean Farley Jr.


    • "Great prices and locally owned."
    • "Local skate shop owned by local skaters"
    • "I am beyond the point of excitement knowing the QC has a local skate shop again. After making my first visit today it was very evident those running this shop know their stuff. Love the stock selections, the friendly staff and the custom made items. I see so much potential in this store I'm astonished and they have my complete support. Very grateful to have a one stop shop for all my gear again, THANK YOU!"
    • "Dope"
    • "Super chill and professional service. Its got to be the best skate shop in the quad cities."
    • "Good dudes. Super low key. Good prices. Couldn't be better."
    • "Rad people, awesome products, good prices."
    • "Great shop, great prices, right by the skate park for broken gear. The owner was super nice and knew his stuff. I would definitely rate this store to any skaters. Even just stop in and get a feel for it, I have a feeling the owner knows what he's doing and will expand that place to something bigger real soon."